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Serious about Leadership?

You’ve completed your professional training and most likely have a university education. You've participated in ongoing professional development activities and have gained years of experience; it’s now time to take your professional practice to a whole new level of sophistication.

As we move into senior roles where success requires us to deal with increasingly ambiguous, wicked problems and complex people issues – politics, resistances, resources deficiencies and other obstacles - the more we need to change our way of developing our professional practice. We need to become aware of our action strategies, what informs them and how successfully they are serving us in achieving our goals.

Our Mission

Bespoke Leadership provides ongoing development support for managers and professionals who have acquired high levels of technical competence and who now seek to be true leaders in their field through:

  1. Exercising their personal and professional role power, authority and influence.
  2. Championing change and growth in their chosen profession or organisation.

Our services

  • Customised professional development programs.
  • Our flagship programs:
    • Keystone Crucibles.
    • Insightful Leader Challenge Program. 
    • Emotions @ Work - Intra and Interpersonal Skills for Professionals.
  • Online Communities of Practice.
  • Expert Coaching and Facilitation support.

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    Site news

    Picture of Anne Hartican
    Launching Keystone Crucibles
    by Anne Hartican - Monday, 5 June 2017, 2:01 PM

    We are proud to bring our acclaimed Keystone Crucibles online.


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